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Following continued communication with HCC Highways we have now received a response and update on the London Road Crossing. Read the response here ........


Thank you for your email.


As I’m sure you will appreciate, we have already completed a lot of work on London Road between the village and the A414 to improve the route for pedestrians – in part with the needs of school children in mind. This has included:


- significant trimming of the trees and bushes near the Foxholes Farm entrance to make the area lighter and to improve visibility between drivers and pedestrians, who need to cross the road at this point

- footway maintenance throughout the length, including more vegetation clearance, areas of resurfacing, widening the footway where possible and supporting the banks with paving slabs to stop them encroaching on to the footway in the future

- more specific improvements around the Foxholes Farm entrance including installing dropped kerbs to help those with pushchairs cross and improvements to the drainage system


We are also planning to install new ‘children crossing’ signs with amber flashing lights (often referred to as ‘wig wags’) on each approach to the double bends at the Foxholes entrance to further highlight the fact that school children will be crossing the road at that point. The posts for these new signs have already been installed but unfortunately there has been a delay in the supply of the signs themselves and we are still awaiting them from the manufacturer; they will be installed as soon as they arrive.


Once those signs are in, that will complete the work we identified as possible short-term improvements on this route.



Looking further ahead, our designers have been investigating whether we can provide further crossing improvements on this stretch of road. Their conclusion has been that it is not technically possible to further improve the crossing facilities at the point where the pedestrians currently need to cross the road. It was hoped that we could provide a quick solution here but this is not feasible so the work done to date to improve footway width and visibility is the best we can realistically achieve quickly within the boundaries of the existing highway.


Our designers are now looking at options for a more comprehensive solution to provide a continuous footway or cycleway, removing the need to cross the road near the Foxholes entrance, but this would need to involve extra land that is not currently part of the highway. Around six different landowners might have an involvement in this and we are still trying to identify the landowner for the final parcel of land. This solution would not be quick but we are aiming to be able to identify a suitable route and potential cost within the next few months. Assuming we can identify a suitable route, our ability to deliver a scheme would depend on securing the land and funding and, with lots of highway improvements we would like to make throughout the County and increasing pressures on our budgets, it’s by no means guaranteed that further improvements on London Road would be the first priority for any available funding.


I hope this answers your questions, gives a sense of what we have done so far and what we are considering for the future.


Kind regards,




Chris Allen-Smith

Group Manager, Eastern Herts

Head of Profession, Asset Management & Maintenance

Highway Operations & Strategy | Environment & Infrastructure

Hertfordshire County Council  
County Hall, Pegs Lane, Hertford, SG13 8DE, Postal Point: CHN115

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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