Sunday, 14 August 2022

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Youth Facilities Consultation

Youth Facilities Consultation

The Youth Facilities Working Group would appreciate your feedback on a proposal to build a skateboard area.

We have a play area for the younger children but nowhere that the older children and teens within the village can utilise for their skateboarding, scooting, or riding their bikes without the perception of them being a nuisance. As such they are currently using the road, and this is dangerous.

We would like (and have been requested by the older children) to see if we can build them a skateboard area. A Consultation was done last year, where this idea was proposed and prioritised and this is the plan we have come up with and want to move forward with.

At the back of the football pitch there is a strip of land that the Parish Council will allow us to use for the building of a skateboard area – this will include a half pipe/ramp/grinding bar/scooting & cycle area and humps.

THE SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED - Thank you to those who provided comments

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