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Speeding stats and camera news

Speeding stats and camera news

A report from Karl Stonebank
Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire

Road Safety Speed Van Deployments

Below is a table of the results of the deployments carried out to date at one of the two locations allocated for the van to deploy at:

Hertford Heath Speeding Statistics

There have been 96 advisory letters sent to the owners of the speeding vehicles.  Of these 74 are Hertfordshire residents, of which 57 are East Herts residents with 4 also Hertford Heath residents.

The % speeding figures are slightly above the Herts average overall figure from all the van deployments.


Road Safety Funded ViaCam System & Installation Update

As suggested by Herts County Council the most appropriate/quickest course of action is to get the ViaCam devices installed on existing lamp columns/footprints on London Road rather than find two new locations/footprints for installation of additional street furniture which would come with various other requirements including permissions from Secretary of State/planning permissions (even on land owned by other parties).

We have just been informed by the County Council that all but one of the lamp columns assessed appear to meet the requirements of the ViaCam device. I am waiting for the County Council to confirm this and then provide some dates for a site visit with yourselves and the ViaCam supplier to agree on the most effective locations for the 2 devices.  I am pushing to make the site visit happen as soon as practically possible.

If all goes to plan, the installation would then be scheduled in and once installed a period of testing by the supplier and the OPCC to make sure they are working as we need them to but this shouldn’t be more than a month and even whilst we are testing them drivers should be more careful as they will be very visible to them.

In the background we have almost completed all required information sharing agreements/data protection assessments meaning we can start processing offender data/printing and sending out advisory letters as soon as the devices are in.  I am just waiting on the device location details before I complete and send you the Memorandum of Understanding for all to sign.

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