Monday, 29 November 2021

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Veggies for the Vulnerable

Veggies for the Vulnerable

Last year, many growers responded very generously to the "Veggie Donation" project

—setup following lockdown when fresh vegetable shortages were impacting the most vulnerable in the community.

It is an entirely voluntary project, involving allotment growers, Laura and her colleagues at The Goat, and Hertford Food Bank who have said how grateful they'd be for the project to be rolled over into this year.

For anyone with an allotment who would like to donate any of their surplus vegetables to the vulnerable in our local community, the process is as follows:

  • Please DO brush off as much excess dirt from the vegetables at the allotments.
  • Please do NOT take the veg back to your own homes to clean it (it is against guidelines).
  • Each Monday/Tuesday, between 12pm and 6pm (latest), take vegetables directly from the allotments to The Goat and deposit them in their foodbank station (over the low white fence at the front of the pub).
  • Laura will arrange to clean the vegetables (as she has the necessary regulated facilities) and have them transported to Hertford Food Bank.
  • Hertford Food Bank will manage the distribution to those in the community.

Donations start from Monday, July 5th. Many of you were fabulously generous with your donations last year so this is a "Thanks in Advance" for your kindness in 2021! Donations are entirely voluntary and a great example of community spirit in action!

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