Sunday, 14 August 2022

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UPDATE on installation of Speed Cameras

UPDATE on installation of Speed Cameras

The speed cameras have finally been installed on London Road.

The decision to install the ViaCam system as opposed to an Average Speed Camera (ASC) system was based on evidence and feedback from a Parish Council-led Community Survey on potential Average Speed Camera installation and supports the Commissioner’s Prevention First evidence-based phased approach to tackling speeding.

The survey contained many comments such as ‘ASC system would not catch a significant number of vehicles turning on/off London Road to the many side roads’.  The ASC system can only monitor commuter traffic travelling the length of London Road whereas the ViaCam system can monitor local traffic turning off London Road as well as commuter traffic.  ViaCams are therefore considered a more effective solution than ASCs.

The Commissioner wants to use a stepped approach by trying to change behaviour in the first instance with the ability to lead to future other potential other solutions including enforcement.  Using a ViaCam system supports a Prevention First approach in seeking to intervene early in those road users whose behaviour has indicated a need for advice to influence behaviour change.

It is true that the ViaCams will lead to the issuing of advisory letters to offenders rather that fines/points deductions however should someone transgress a third time the letter will be hand delivered by a warranted police officer.  Furthermore, should someone excessively speed (e.g. over 50mph in a 30mph) the driver could be served with a Section 59 antisocial behaviour order by the Constabulary which may result it in their vehicle being confiscated if they transgress again within 12 months.

The cameras are undergoing a period of testing required by both Truvelo and the Commissioner’s Office to make sure they are working as expected and producing data we can use to produce the advisory letters.  It may be the case that Truvelo revisit to adjust/remove the cameras during this phase.  Even during the testing phase drivers will start to be aware of the new devices.  Signage will be installed prior to the cameras going live.

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