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Return of the Repair Shop

Return of the Repair Shop

An important part of being sustainable is making sure that we make the most out of the resources that we use.

A lot of the resources that we use are embedded in the things that we have around the house. That’s fine until the items stop working or simply break. One of the obvious options is to buy a new one. With some of the online options a new “thing” can arrive the very next day and once all the packaging and the broken item are in the bin we’re back on track – phew!

But another option would be to try and repair the item and see if it could last for a little while longer. Perhaps this feels like the scariest option. “How on earth can I fix it? I have no idea what I’m doing!”

Well, help is at hand! Strange as it may seem there are those that enjoy working out what is preventing a device from working and relish the challenge of going on to fix it and see the device working once more.

To make it even more convenient a selection of these people arrange to be in the same place each month so that anyone can call in and see what can be done to repair their favourite (but broken) thing. This could be a piece of furniture, an electrical item, and electronic item, a piece of clothing or anything else that you think could/should be repaired.
Please come along to the Mission Room on Sunday 20th June 2021, the session will start at 2pm and finish at 5pm. There is no fixed charge for a repair but if there are components needed then we would ask for a suitable donation.

Of course, not everything can be repaired. Some devices simply cannot be taken apart or the broken component is deep within a solid-state element and cannot be accessed. This highlights a poor, unsustainable design and one that the upcoming “Right to Repair Law” in the UK seeks to resolve.

Thankfully there are lots of other success stories. One recent example, from just before the lockdown, was a £600 food mixer that had stopped working. It turned out that all that was needed was a replacement plastic gear that had worn out. So for the cost of the new gear wheel which was less than £10 (including postage) the machine is back up and running and will last for many years to come.

We look forward seeing you at the Repair Shop and to generating many more success stories.

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