Wednesday, 08 December 2021

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Pavements are for PEOPLE!

Let’s face it, parking in Hertford Heath is an issue.  We shouldn’t be surprised by that in a village with a lot of older properties, but we should not have to put up with parking on pavements either!

People need somewhere to park their cars and two wheels on the pavement in some areas is the only way to solve the problem.  However, parking in the middle of the pavement is just plain inconsiderate and discourteous.

Those who are desperate to park three feet from their front door might want to consider the following:

  • Parking in the middle of the pavement causes an obstruction and inhibits the independence of many vulnerable people, especially older or disabled people with visual or mobility impairments.

  • When pedestrians, for example families with pushchairs, are forced into the road and into oncoming traffic, pavement parking is simply dangerous.

  • Pavement parking can obscure the view of others pulling out of neighbouring drives or roads, leading to more accidents.

  • Pavement surfaces are not designed to carry the weight of vehicles, and the extra maintenance cost adds an unnecessary financial burden to already cash-strapped councils who can only pass costs on to residents through increased Council Tax.

Parking on pavements is currently covered by criminal and civil law, with different rules in different parts of the country, and vastly different experiences of enforcement from district to district.  East Herts District Council do not currently have the powers to issue a Penalty Charge Notice to vehicles that park on a pavement or grass verge adjacent to an unrestricted road but that could be about to change.

Pavement parking could soon be made illegal as part of a plan being discussed in Government in what would be one of the biggest driving law shake-ups in a generation.  Whether those laws come into effect or not, you would hope that the good folk of Hertford Heath might do the decent thing and park somewhere else.

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