The use of the Village Green by The Goat Public House and Restaurant

Hertford Heath Parish Council today unanimously approved the proposal below, for the management of The Goat to, temporarily, utilise a small part of the Village Green to serve take away food and drinks.

From Saturday 4th July 2020 The Goat will be allowed to extend the area on which to site its picnic benches be extended to include an adjacent area the village green, for a time limited period of 1 month with an ongoing review to monitor any effect/comments and a formal review during week 4. 

The extended area will allow The Goat to deploy all its current tables whilst still adhering to the social distancing recommendations currently in place.  

A maximum of 6 picnic tables would be positioned in differing locations each day, to minimise the impact on the grass, and be made available to members of the public on a first come first served basis. 

These tables will not be hosted or actively serviced by the staff at The Goat. Should members of the public wish to they can make use of the takeaway service offered by the pub and use the tables to consume their purchases. 

  • The tables will only be present on the green during pub hours (11pm curfew) and will be removed and stored in the pub car park overnight. 

  • The team at The Goat will actively engage with their near neighbours to ensure that any comments can be acted upon promptly

  • The use of the green will offer significant support to the business and also help to mitigate the inevitable risk of re-opening 

  • All drinks and meals will be served in recyclable/disposable containers 

  • The tables will not be cleaned in between occupancy but cleaning materials will be available from the pub if customers would like to sanitise the table for themselves 

  • It is not anticipated that there will be any additional noise generated as a result of this proposal as no additional tables are being used, this proposal simply allows all existing tables to be utilised 

  • An additional litter/recycling bin, clearly marked as belonging to The Goat will be provided and emptied appropriately 

  • Any overflow from the existing public litter bin will be removed and accommodated within the pub’s existing waste stream 

  • This proposal does not affect the members of the public responsibility for exercising road safety awareness and normal personal hygiene  

Reopening the village pubs represents a huge step towards getting back to something like normal life. 

Relaxation of lockdown is not without risks and this proposal is designed to maximise the opportunity whilst minimising the risk. 

The other two pubs in the village have been offered similar facilities. 

All enquiries/objections should be directed by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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