Hertford Heath Landmarks

Historic buildings and structures

As you’d expect in a village with over one hundred and fifty years of history, Hertford Heath has many interesting buildings and other structures.

There are thirty-seven Grade II Listed buildings in the Parish.  The include the Goat pub, the Church, the drinking fountain, the College Arms and the old water tower.  Many private houses and most of Haileybury fall into this category.  Here, we present a brief overview of some of the more prominent landmarks.

The War Memorial

Hertford Heath War MemorialThe War Memorial with the now demolished Townshend Arms in the backgroundThe stone cross in memory of the fallen heroes of Hertford Heath was built in November 1920.  Funding came from a churchyard fund with the balance met by the generosity of Mrs Florence Barclay.

The cross is an exact copy of the cross of St Martin at Iona and bears the inscription “Greater love hath no man than this man lay down his life for his friends.”  Every year on the Sunday nearest to Armistice Day (11th November), a brief service is held at the War Memorial to remember those from the village who died in action in two world wars.


During World War I, more than 200 men from Hertford Heath were involved.  Thirty-four men never returned and three more died from their wounds after their return.  Their names are inscribed on the memorial.

Arthur Akers  |  Charles Akers  |  Henry Akers  |  James Akers  |  William G Brown  |  William E Bulley  |  Joshua R Camp  |  William Camp  |  Cecil Chandler  |  Frank Chapman  |  Frank Childs  |  Charles H Coles  |  Frederick J Coles  |  George Coles  |  Sydney J Cox  |  Albert Croft  |  Arthur A Fletcher  |  Thomas S. Fletcher  |  William Gee  |  Charles J. Gray  |  Horace Gray  |  John W Huson  |  William H Huson  |  George W Ives  |  Harry E Judd  |  John Judd  |  Thomas Locking  |  Walter Middleton  |  Abel Pomfret  |  Charles Pratt  |  Harold E F Turner  |  Frederick G Ward  |  Henry West  |  William H West 


Ten men from Hertford Heath lost their lives in World War II and their names are also listed on a plaque in the Village Hall.

Noah Ansell  |  William G Craxford  |  Alfred G Dickenson  |  Robert L Frank  |  Ernest Griffin  |  John F Hawkins  |  Jim B Hornett  |  John P Hyatt  |  John F Law  |  Sydney J Rider

The War Memorial was last expertly cleaned in 2015 by J Day & Sons of Bishop’s Stortford.

Drinking Fountain on the Village Green
Holy Trinity Church
The Mission Room
The Old Village School
The Village Hall

Holy Trinity Church
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