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How do we make a village green?

A survey for the Hertford Heath Neighbourhood plan in late 2017 revealed a high degree of interest from residents in ensuring that Hertford Heath remains a ‘green’ village.

Less waste, a lower carbon footprint, less noise pollution and better air quality were all seen to be important and local groups are working towards devising practical steps to achieve these goals.

Nature Conservation

Nature Reserve signageHertford Heath is a fascinating mosaic of woodland and open heathland; something that is now quite rare in Hertfordshire.  A large part of the Heath is a Nature Reserve managed by the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust.

Two separate areas, The Roundings and Goldingtons flank both sides of London Road.  In The Roundings, common heather, purple moor grass and wavy hair grass all flourish.  In the summer the small yellow flowers of tormentil abound.  Ponds originally dug for clay and gravel support a rich aquatic life.

In Goldingtons, the trees are mainly oak and hornbeam.  Nuthatch, jay and sparrow hawk are among the many woodland birds.  The ponds are the haunts of dragonfly including the southern hawker.  The timid muntjac deer abounds and the odd fox is often spotted.

The Heath is a registered common.  The Wildlife Trust has a long-term management agreement with its owner, Haileybury.  It also has an agreement with the Forestry Commission to manage the northern sector of Balls Wood as a nature reserve.


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