Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Road Safety

Plans for Average Speed Cameras

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire has asked the Parish Council to communicate to residents plans to install Average Speed Cameras at either end of London Road.

Before making a final decision, the Police Commissioner requests feedback from the community to allocate Road Safety Funding to install the system.


The Cameras

The cameras and their supporting Infra-Red floodlights (which emit non-visible light only when the camera shutter is open) would be installed at locations of existing street furniture.

As existing street furniture is not rated for the additional weight or wind loading, they will be replaced with new heavy duty lighting columns.

Camera locations

Cameras will be placed at the bus stop opposite Haileybury College and between Church Hill and the War Memorial to produce maximum coverage.

You can find out more about how average speed cameras work by visiting SPEED CAMERAS UK here

The next steps

The consultation is now closed.  We'll keep you informed on progress via this website, social media and newsletters.


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